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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

God has no tolerance for sin : the same as Jesus Christ has no tolerance

God has no tolerance towards sin, but He loves the sinner so Much that he Gave His own life so that all might have an eternal life.

Jesus gave His blood on the cross so that all might live, and we have to loosen all sin off Our back at the cross and accept Gods free gift of life bu rejecting sin and accepting Gods free gift of life. 

God is love YES, all caring and all giving Love (Agape Love) 
God IS NOT TOLERANT OF SIN as getting around and deluding churches over homosexuality and pushing for wickedness. 

Homosexuality is Sin and GOD SAYS this on sin
Homosexuality is sin thus Same sex marriage is wickedness as this is making sin good and a alternative lifestyle. To live in wickedness surely will bring down Gods wrath upon all who do this.

This is the message the church of today should be preaching, NOT COMPROMISING WITH WICKEDNESS as if they do they are playing in the hands of the evil one as I believe Demonic forces from the Pits of Hell are driving the same sex marriage today. 

For  these reasons I am willing to call myself a homophobic bigot and I am the 
Happy little homophobe living in my joy 

As another topic I will go into later
Same sex marriage is very oppressive and political 

6.51 Wednesday September 28th 2016

My comments 

I am the Happy little homophobe 

 To beanie Hynes and the other nut jobs attacking me


I expect to be attacked over the last few youtubes on being homophobic and prous to be that

This is the sort of attack I expect upon myself as I am upsetting people who are involved in it. I will publish all of these attacks upon my own blog and explain this is what happens when you speak on very sensitive issues as I do. 

This is the start of many attacks to come but these people are very oppressive and undemocratoc, I expect this and I will publish all these attacks as I pick them up and tell all the truth. 

This is what is pushing the same sex marriage debate. Left wing Politics nothing to do woth Love

This is war all out online war. 

I am fighting demonic forces as homosexuality is ruled by demonic forces whixh Jesus Christ has promised to protect us from if we come to us, by Gods love for all humanity (everlasting Agape Love). 

The demonic forces that are driving the same sex marriage mix Eros love which is the love for sexual love. In the greek there is four words for one word in English (Love) that is Agape love - Eros love - Store Love - Philio Love 

This is a major concern where people who do not understand this. The bible talks on Agape love as the love of God, this is not Phileo love or Eros Love.

Same-sex-marriage debate has nothing to do with love. It is Politics and Political correctness and part of a Marxist (communist) totalitarian system under Cultural Marxism pushing for social change.

This works from a Collective society (not individualistic) and takes all peronal freedoms away from individuals.

19.50 Teusday September 27th 2016

My comments

I have a dity to speak to the world so I get attacked for this

Monday, 26 September 2016

I have a duty to speak to the world on you tube

I have a duty to speak to the world on both You Tube and This blog and I will do that to the best of my ability untill Jesus Christ returns to the earth, I want to be as John the Baptist when he gave first phrophecy of the coming of Jesus Christ as the Baby in a Manger 2,000 uears ago. I want to be like Him (John the Baptist) and herald the second return of Jesus Christ. The only difference is that I live in the 21st century where technological methods od disseminating information are far advanced that 2,000 years ago in the days of John the Baptist

I will jerald the coming of Agenda 2030 and the wickedness of man today with issues like Same sex marriage being even debated in parliament is showing you how wicked the world is becomimg. 

I beleive it is the role of the church to be like John the Baptist was and prepare for the second return of Jesus Christ. This is whome I desire to become like in these days

If I AM TO BE LIKE John the Baptist I will be attacked by the evil one, so I am prepared for this. 

This is how you be attacked 
Cyber Space 

This is  the sort of properganda and attack that will be spread to counter act my posts as these people that produce this are the enemy of the world.
Written by John Christopher Sunol 
16.40 Teusday September 27th 2016

My comments  

I have a duty to speak to the world like John The Baptist did 2,000 years ago in the first coming of Jesus Christ. Now we are lookinng to the second coming, not only me but the whole church needs to play this role of John The Baptist

I have an interview coming up for a delivery job:

I am getting my name put in and I will get an interview for a delivery job in my local area, I will not say who it is with as I do not need liars going to work and telling more lies about me. This delivery job will only be part time for less than 20 hours per week but couples up with the other work I already have, as an extra in adverts and other media that will do me and bring money in. That is all I want so I can get back to work. 

I lost my taxi authority through no fault of my own, others told lies and framed me and I will never accept anything different. One person by the name of Garry was a main contender for this purgery with ithers backing him up. I do not want to happen again like it did before so I say nothing and just go to work. 


 am not sorry for what happened as I know that I was right and those who took me to court set up up with telling lies and committing open purgery. I will accept nothing else and neither will I stop now or every. 

Thank you for the fight, you make the days go quicker but I will not ever give in. 

NB: I will delete all and every comment by Beanie Hynes that tells lies and only attacks me, the same with anyone else, note:these clowns are only trolls with nothing on their mind but to create trouble. 



Written by John Christopher Sunol
at 12.03 on Tuesday September 27th 2016

My comments

This is to update my photos I had before and I am having an interview for a delivery job. The delivery job with this extras in films will help me find work - I can not and will not say what agency I am contracted with as I do not need trouble makers telling lies like they did in court against me.

This was for  more work in Advertisements and other media which I hope to get.

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
21.05 Monday September 26th 2016

Saturday, 24 September 2016

I am a homophobic bigot (Like Jesus Christ is) and I revel in it !!!

I am a homophobic bigot and revel in it sounds like a bad person. Well then that is not so true. You can be a God fearing person and the Kindest good living person on the earth but still be a homophobic bigot in your own personal life. 

Well that is what I am and I am not willing to change as God has called me to  this both  online and off line.

Now let me explain in a few short terms:
The real meaning of a Meaning of the word Bigot is a person who believes in one definition of a term above all else. I believe that Jesus Christ is the only way and He calls us all to be like Him and I am happy to be called a bigot in this sense. We are NOT hostile towards other religious groups as some define as I believe that all are given a free will, but I believe their is only one way to heaven and no other way is truth and that is by the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross and Him shedding His blood for all our sins. Homosexuality is sin and Christ died on the cross so we might be free of din and in this term I am a Bigot to beleive this above all else

Now the real meaning of the word HOMOPHOBE is to have negative attitude towards  what is sin As homosexuality is sin before God thus same sex marriage is very political and oppressive (wickedness before God) I am the Happy little homophobe living in my joy.

To be a Bigot in one sense is to reject all else but for Jesus Christ. To be classified Homophobic is to reject the sin of homosexuality which is very prominent today. 

So within myself I am a Homophobic Bigot and proud of this. I encourage you to also become like me, but that is your choice and if you do not want that, then as  Pope Francis, said who am I to ask for you to change, that is left up for your decison and you must take the outcome of any decison you make.

As a conclusion

I call upon all who see the same was as I, to become Homophobic Bigots as well (like I am) as it is a good thing for as many as we can get to change our thinking, beleifs and attitudes to encompass this way of life.

This beingn a Homophobic Bigot is a way of life I live and I encourage as many who accept the truth to love as I live.A Homophobic Bigot and revel in this as well.

If Jesus Christ was walking the earth Today he would called a homophobic bigot: I wanto to be like Jesus Christ as I am called into fellowship with him: so it is an honour for me to be called a homophobic bigot as well amd I intend to enco7others to doo the same

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
7.45 Sunday September 25th 2016

My Comments 

I beleive that Jesus Christ was a homphobic bigot 
And I want to be like Jesus Christ was 
A homphobic bigot as well part A

Part B - Christ was a homophobic bigot 

I am a homphobic bigot part c

I am a homophobic bigot part B

I am a homphobic big part A

Who am I to judge 

Pope Francis on Who an I to judge

Forbes in crises

The whole town is being evacuated and I take this as a sign of Climate change. This is happening all over the world and Australia will not miss out. Fires in Victoria, floods in country towns hurricanes in tne United States, Volcanoes in Indonesia.

Floods in China, floods in Europe to catastrophes everywhere. I do not believe in Climate change naturaly, this is man made with different new technology and old technology that is partly creating the climate change.

A whole host of different factors are creating the setting for these adverse weather changes which is happening all over the world.

18.43 SATURDAY September 24th 2016